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Driving the Westfjords Way: New Roads, Bridges, and Scenic Marvels

The Westfjords of Iceland, with their dramatic landscapes and breathtaking fjords, have always been a hidden gem for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. However, with recent exciting infrastructure developments, exploring the Westfjords has become not only more convenient but also more alluring. Join us as we unveil the latest updates on the Westfjords Way, your gateway to the natural wonders of this rugged region.
Photo ©Romain Charrier
Photo ©Romain Charrier

Bridging the Gaps

The Westfjords Way is on the brink of a remarkable transformation. Just past beautiful Reykhólar, a transformation of Road 60 is underway. This began in October 2023 with the opening of Þorskafjarðarbrú, a new bridge spanning Þorskafjörður (aptly translating to Cod Fjord), which is fitting for the Westfjords. This bridge marks a pivotal step in enhancing the region's infrastructure, shortening the route by 10 kilometers and bringing you closer to the heart of the Westfjords. Your journey is now more accessible and spectacular than ever, marking the end of a crucial chapter and paving the way for more exciting developments in regional transportation.

Following the opening of the bridge, a new road through Teigskógur is expected to be open in November 2023. Additionally, the government has initiated the construction of two other bridges over Gufufjörður and Djúpafjörður fjords, a project expected to span a few more years.

The Marvels of Dynjandi

The makeover of the Westfjords Way continues with the upcoming enhancements to the Dynjandi route. In November 2023, the first section of the Dynjandisheiði road will be unveiled, ensuring better access to this scenic gem. The second section is anticipated to be completed by June 2024, further enhancing access to Dynjandi. The breathtaking Dynjandisvogur is set to become accessible by June 2025.

These developments promise not only smoother rides but also safer travel. Part of the road has been realigned, reducing its susceptibility to weather-related disruptions. Get ready for a more comfortable and secure journey through one of Iceland's most striking landscapes. This monumental project will reduce the route's length by 61 kilometers, enhancing the efficiency of the Westfjords Way and allowing travelers to experience even more of this awe-inspiring region. The time saved on your journey translates into more time spent exploring the wonders of the Westfjords.

The Westfjords Way: A Journey to Remember

For adventure enthusiasts and nature purists, worry not. While we celebrate the arrival of fresh tarmac and modern bridges on the Westfjords Way, there are still plenty of gravel routes promising off-the-beaten-path experiences. These rugged paths serve as gateways to hidden treasures, offering a rustic, back-to-nature journey.

With each new development, the Westfjords Way is fast becoming one of Iceland's most exciting travel destinations. So fasten your seatbelts, pack your bags, and prepare to experience the Westfjords like never before. Whether you're chasing waterfalls, hiking through rugged terrains, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, the Westfjords Way is your ticket to an unforgettable Icelandic adventure.

But that's not all. The heart of the Westfjords Way lies in being the gateway to the myriad activities that define this incredible region. From savoring local cuisine to indulging in birdwatching, embarking on invigorating hikes, and sharing warm-hearted moments with the locals, the road itself is your portal to a world of experiences. As you traverse the newly upgraded Westfjords Way, remember that it's not just a route but a grand adventure in itself, leading you to the vibrant tapestry of the Westfjords' culture and natural wonders.

As construction wraps up and the circle route around the peninsula nears completion, we invite you to come and experience the enchanting Westfjords in a whole new light. Come experience the Westfjords Way on your terms, in your own way, because no matter where you travel in the Westfjords, rest assured your journey will be unforgettable.