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Natural Highlights

There is plenty of wildlife in the Westfjords but most visitors get excited over the arctic foxes, whales and birdlife. 

Absolutely go chasing waterfalls in the Westfjords of Iceland, where you'll find plenty of stunning cascades. However, please exercise caution around these natural wonders. Avoid entering the water, as the currents are incredibly powerful. Stay safe and enjoy the breathtaking beauty from a distance.
Beaches & Cliffs in the Westfjords of Iceland

The Westfjords has just over one third of Iceland's coastline and therefore we have plenty of beautiful beaches and magnificent cliffs. 

Geothermal pools, Swimming, Natural Pools
Geothermal Pools

Few things are more cozy than relaxing in a hot pool in the middle of nature or a nice swimming pool in one of our villages. The Westfjords has an abundance of easily accessible natural pools for you to enjoy.