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Few things are more cozy than relaxing in a hot pool in the middle of nature or a nice swimming pool in one of our villages. The Westfjords has an abundance of easily accessible natural pools for you to enjoy.

Swimming Pools
There are plenty of swimming pools all over the Westfjords.
Drangsnes Hot Pots
The hot natural pools in Drangsnes are right along the shoreline in the middle of the village easily spotted from the road.The pots are used throughout the year by locals and visitors. Even after a new swimming pool was built in town the attraction of the hot natural pot has yet to decrease.The best way to meet the local and talk about everything and nothing is in the hot pots in Drangsnes. Admission: free donations.
Hellulaug is a geothermal pool, located just off the highway, close to the beach in Vatnsfjörður. It is quite lovely to chill out in the pool(38°/100,4 F) while looking out over the fjord.The pool cannot be seen from the road, but there is a parking lot next to the path that leads to Hellulaug. The pool is 60 cm deep.
Heydalur is  a paradise for those who like birdlife and to take pictures of birds. Heydalur offers horseback rides in Heydalur valley and many attractions for the family. The hot natural pool in Heydalur is a few minute walk from the country Hotel Heydalur. Sitting in the hot natural pool feeling the fatigue in your body float away is a feeling like no other. Some say that laying the hot pool in Heydalur gives you strength, and for many that is so true. 
Reykjarfjörður in Arnarfjörður
In Reykjarfjordur a full-size swimming pool is visible from the main road. The water is warm all year round due to geothermal energy. Just above the pool, a cozy natural pool lies almost hidden. A real gem in Arnarfjordur. Facilities for changing of clothes is next to the swimming pool.
27. August
Sæunnarsund - Swim like a cow!
The famous Wonder Cow Sæunn swam from Flateyri over to the beach in Valþjófsdalur, now you can see if you can do it!
Laugarneslaug, Barðaströnd
The swimming pool in Laugarnes by Birkimelur is a beautifully placed small pool with stunning views over Breiðafjörður. You can either float around in the small concrete pool or lay down in a smaller pool closer to the shore. A donations box is placed by the dressing rooms, the local youth club owns and looks after the pool.