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Look at a map of Iceland and you will see a hand that stretches out from the North West towards Greenland. That’s the Westfjords. Vestfjarðaleiðin is the spectacular driving route that navigates a grand 950 km circle around the edges of this breathtaking peninsula, twisting and turning along fingers of land and occasional mountain passes, revealing grand vistas which take your breath away.

Vestfjarðaleiðin #TheWestfjordsWay is a new project developed by Visit Westfjords and Visit West Iceland inspired by the popularity of touring routes around the world. It brings together the best the area has to offer into a new experience for visitors who want to discover the real Iceland away from the crowds further south, to spend time exploring the landscape, nature and the way of life.

Vestfjarðaleiðin (Icelandic for TheWestfjordsWay and pronounced ‘Vest-fyar-tha-lay-thin’) is a dramatic driving route which makes for a memorable road trip. It is real driving experience, twisting and turning, occasionally along gravel roads and through tunnels, giving visitors the freedom to choose where to stop and explore – at viewpoints, mountain tops, beaches or headlands.

Visitors can wander round the traditional towns and villages that punctuate the route, stay in understated hotels and unpretentious family run guest houses, eat some of the best fish and wild-roaming lamb anyone will ever taste, and share the Icelander’s love of coffee and cake at cafés and bakeries that pop-up just when you least expect them.

Vestfjarðaleiðin is immense and immersive. The visitor is surrounded by the elements – water most of all – sea, rivers, waterfalls, hot pools and of course rain. You can see, feel and taste the weather all around you. Your eye can discern an infinite palette of blues in the sea, sky and mountains. You can get close to the wildlife – whales, seals, puffins and other seabirds abound. And most of all you are drawn into the character and charm of the place through its people - natural storytellers who are willing to share their sagas, myths and very personal stories of their place, their history and their lives.

Vestfjarðaleiðin #TheWestfjordsWay is truly unforgettable. At any time of year.

Discover Vestfjarðaleiðin

For people who are keen to discover new places and get off the beaten track, the route can be followed independently through self-drive or in small groups. This is about slow tourism based on sustainable experiences sharing the way of life of people who have lived here for generations. Vestfjarðaleiðin offers eight types of experience to help visitors explore the route:


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Kirkjubjól í Bjarnardal Guesthouse Kirkjuból, Bjarnardalur 425 Flateyri 456-7679
Hnjótur Museum Hnjótur, Örlygshöfn 451 Patreksfjörður 456-1511
Rauðsdalur Barðaströnd 451 Patreksfjörður 456-2041
Eaglefjord Gilsbakki 8 465 Bíldudalur 694-8057