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Do go chasing waterfalls and there are plenty of them in the Westfjords of Iceland

Simply enthralling; The Westfjords’ favourite front-page model for decades, and is never short of breathtaking. The biggest and widest part of the waterfall is the one that gets all the attention and the photos, even though there are impressive, albeit smaller, waterfalls further down the river.To enjoy, follow this simple step-by-step manual. 1. Stop your car at the parking lot. 2. Walk all the way up to the biggest part of the waterfall, it takes about 15 minutes. 3. Take a deep breath and enjoy 4. Whenever ready, go back down to the car. 5. Tick off this article and continue working through the check-list. 
Foss í Fossfirði
Fossfjörður is one of the the offshoot fjords of Arnarfjörður, it is the westernmost of the so called "Suðurfirðir" the Southern Fjords. These are Bíldudalsvogur, Fossfjörður, Reykjarfjörður, Trostansfjörður and Geirþjófsfjörður. In Fossfjörður is a farm called Foss and also a waterfall carrying the same name, wich actually means waterfall. So in waterfall fjord you will wind a farm called waterfall aswell as a waterfall called waterfall. Confusing ? Maybe a little. In Fossfjörður you will also stumble up on the so called A-house, wich has been a popular pitstop among travellers and photographers. This abandoned house is unique for its shape and location.  
In Patreksfjörður fjord there is a small beautiful waterfall. 
Valagil is a spectacular ravine, complete with mighty waterfall and made from layers upon layers of ancient lava. You will find Valagil at the landward end of Álftafjörður, not too far from Súðavík. There is a marked footpath to the ravine from the road. Some say the ravine is named after the falcons (valur is Icelandic for falcon) which reported used to nest there. Other people say it is named after a woman called Vala who is said to have fallen to her death in the gully (hundreds of years ago). 
Þingmannaá Waterfall
Þingmannaá river runs from Þingmannadalur valley down to Vatnsfjörður fjord. In the rivers canyons you will find charming waterfalls, explorers can walk behind one of the waterfalls and view it from behind the cascading water. One of these waterfalls had a role in the television show Nonni and Manni from 1990. A parking lot is located about 100 meters from the road and to reach the waterfall, a 5 minute walk from the parking lot. 
Djúpavík Waterfall
Towering above the small village of Djúpavík in Strandir is a beautiful waterfall. There is a good trail by the waterfall .