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Are you tavelling around the Westfjords? Do you need some advise? There tourist informations centres around the region have good information for you. 

Vesturbyggð Tourist Information Center / Westfjords Adventures
Westfjords Regional Information Center
Opening hours Summer (June 15 - August 31)Weekdays: 08:00-17:00Weekends: 08:00-14:00 September :Weekdays: 08:00-16:00Weekends: 09:00-12:00 Autumn/winter/spring (October 1- June 14)Mon-Thur: 08:00-16:00Fri: 08:00-12:00Weekends: Closed 
Cafe Dunhagi
Cafe Dunhagi is a restaurant specializes in local cuisine. Fresh local fish, Icelandic lamb, vegetarian specials and homemade breads and desserts to die for. We use local herbs and spices from the fjord and serve a wonderful selection of wine and beer for your pleasure. A place of story telling. I have put together a wonderful collection of old photographs of the people that settled this beautiful fjord. The photos tell a remarkable story of survival, adverse conditions and a colorful culture that has shaped Iceland to what it is today. The Cafe is located in one of the oldest buildings in the fjord. When you walk through the door you'll take a step into the past. You can browse the collection of historic photos assembled by the native owner while dining on local cuisine in the warm and cozy interior. Aside from her skills as a chef, the owner is known for her atmospheric music as well as her knack for storytelling. In the summer months, you can take in Icelandic culture at Dunhagi´s weekly events, which include author readings, concerts, and plays. Our goal; To create a memorable event for our customers in a place where you can enjoy thoughtful food, beautiful wines while being surrounded by untouched nature and unprecedented bird colonies a footstep away.
Súðavík Tourist Information Office
Hnjótur Museum
Hnjótur Museum in Örlygshöfn in Patreksfjörður, displays a unique collection of old items from the Southern Westfjords. The museum shows the history of fishing, farming and everyday life in the area. At the museum is an exhibition about the rescue of the British trawler Dhoon that stranded at Látrabjarg cliffs in 1947. At the museum is an attractive cafeteria, souvenir shop and information center. Opening hours: Daily from 10:00 - 18:00, May 1st to September 30th. Please contact for visits outside scheduled opening hours ( or 456 1511)
Westfjords Adventures
Westfjords Adventures offers various travel services and leisure activities in the scenic, spectacular and picturesque Southern Westfjords (planned to be Iceland’s next natural park for its astonishing natural beauty).   We offer guided bus tours to the majestic Látrabjarg Cliff, Rauðasandur Beach, Dynjandi Waterfall and other scenic places. As well we offer super jeep tours in the area including one of the most thrilling off-road trail in Iceland, guided hiking and walking tours, scenic boat trips and bird- and seal- watching in the nearby fjords. We also rent mountain bikes and cars for the travelers who like to enjoy the moment on their own.   We tailor our services to the interests of different travelers, nature lovers, photographers, birdwatchers, wildlife spectators, hikers, bikers, adrenaline kickers, sea anglers, seal watchers and those seeking to inhale the tranquility of unspoiled nature.    The tour can start in Patreksfjörður, where we are based, or in Keflavík International airport and Reykjavík Domestic airport (or any other place in Iceland). In Patreksfjörður we offer all kinds of accommodation as well as other travel services.   Don’t forget to check out our summer bus schedule between Patreksfjörður – Brjánslækur and Ísafjörður!!  
Reykhólar District Information Office
The information center is in a large building on the left side of the branch line down to Reykhóla village just before reaching Hólabúð (general store, tourist shop and N1 petrol station). The boat and wellness exhibition in Reykhólar together with Bátakaffi is in the same building.
Þingeyri District Information Office
Opening hours 2020 (summer): Every day from 11:00 to 17:00
Bolungarvík District Information Office
Open from 14:00 - 18:00 Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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