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Everyone should be able to find accommodation and services to suit them in the Westfjords. In addition to hotels of various sizes, a multitude of other guesthouses and holiday accommodation are available.

Campgrounds are numerous, although the quality varies, as is the case in other parts of Iceland. In some places a great deal of effort has been put into developing fine campgrounds with diverse facilities and services.


The Westfjords of Iceland has many  hotels ranging in price and quality allowing travellers to make a suitable choice.

Bed & Breakfast

B&B’s, and Guesthouses are all pervasive and many of them privately run. They are generally smaller and more intimate than hotels and more comfortably priced.

Sleeping bag accommodation

Many guesthouses, rural hotels, hostels and farmers lodges, offer sleeping bag accommodation, a truly economic alternative.


Guesthouses have a specific charm, small and personal. 


Staying at a cottage can be very cozy and it´s especially convenient for families or groups of friends traveling together.


Campgrounds can be found all around the Westfjords, near towns as well as in smaller areas.