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Getting around the region

If you want to be the master of your own journey, decide which routes you take, which attractions you visit; where, when and how long you stop along the way etc., then a self-drive is your best option.

Yes there are some gravel roads that can be challenging, but they are open for all vehicles throughout the summer so if you slow down and drive sensibly you will be fine. Otherwise, you can use the public transport. In the Ísafjörður area there are buses that connect Ísafjörður to its neighboring towns Þingeyri, Suðureyri, Flateyri and Bolungarvík, and in the Patreksfjörður area you will find buses that operate between Patreksfjörður, Tálknaförður and Bíldudalur. There are also two long-distance lines available. Bus no 61 operates between Ísafjörður and Hólmavík twice per week while bus no 62 operates on the route Patreksfjörður-Brjánslækur-Dynjandi-Ísafjörður three days per week. A bus from Brjánslækur/Patreksfjörður to Látrabjarg and Rauðasandur is also available upon request.

Information for bus trips between Ísafjörður, Suðureyri, Flateyri, Þingeyri and Bolungarvík. 

Information for bus trips between Patreksfjörður, Tálknafjörður and Bíldudalur