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5 day self drive around Vestfjarðaleiðin #TheWestfjordsWay

Self drive - The Westfjords way in 5 days Summer Edition

Vestfjarðaleiðin (Icelandic for TheWestfjordsWay and pronounced ‘Vest-fyar-tha-lay-thin’) is a dramatic driving route which makes for a memorable road trip. It is real driving experience, twisting and turning, occasionally along gravel roads and through tunnels, giving visitors the freedom to choose where to stop and explore – at viewpoints, mountain tops, beaches or headlands. This article is a suggestion on how you can experience the whole Vestfjarðaleiðin (e. Westfjords Way) in action packed 5 days.
Iceland's Westfjords region is only one-fifth of the nation's size, but its circular drive covers tw…

Iceland’s Westfjords are an outdoor paradise in any season

The people of Northwestern Iceland – known as Vestfirðingar – have over the years threatened to secede from the rest of Iceland by establishing the Democratic Republic of the Westfjords. It is, thankfully, a joke, but it’s telling: the massive northernmost peninsula, home to only 7,000 people, does feel like a land of its own.
Amazing Views from the Edge of Iceland.
Photo: Haukur Sigurðsson

Unparalleled views from the Edge of Iceland

Bolungarvík is a small fishing town just south of the Arctic circle is surrounded by beautiful iconic mountains. Towering over the town we have mountains like Ernir to the south, Óshyrna to the East, Traðarhyrna to the north and Bolafjall to the Northwest. Bolafjall mountain, which is 638 meter tall, is easily accessible by road and has been a popular stop by tourist to enjoy incredible views, now the experience has gotten better.
Dynjandi Waterfall

4 days in the Westfjords, footsteps of Rúrik Gíslason

Rúrik Gíslason, former footballer and influencer visited the Westfjords of Iceland, where he lived in the town of Ísafjörður for couple of years as a kid. He used the opportunity to immerse himself into nature, adventure and activities the peninsula has to offer. Now you can follow in his footsteps, as we outline the nitty gritty details about his tour, from where to go, what to eat and where you can book all the activities.

The ultimate guide to Hornstrandir, Europe's last wilderness

Hornstrandir is one of Europe’s last wildernesses: a breathtakingly beautiful, hard-to-reach nature reserve of soaring mountains and precipitous cliffs.

Capture great photos of Iceland’s Westfjords

Free from mass tourism and blessed with blustery stretches of salt-sprayed beaches and dramatic, otherworldly landscapes, Iceland’s Westfjords are an untouched wonderland where nature reigns supreme. It’s especially thrilling for photography enthusiasts, who can spot Arctic foxes in the wild, document moody weather moments and discover the simple beauty of traditional fishing villages.

Nr.4 Umhverfing /No. 4 Around

Nr. 4 Umhverfing / No 4 Around is an art exhibition on view the summer 2022, the venue stretches the whole of Westfjords way

The Arna Westfjords Way Challenge

On June 29, sixty-five cyclists from all over the world will arrive to race nearly 1,000 kilometers around the Westfjords Way while connecting with local nature and culture along the way. The race is the first of its kind, created by coalition of bicyclist with the aim of promoting a connection between people and places, and is part of a greater effort to bring more cyclists and bikepacking tourism to the region.

The Fossavatnsganga - Skiing off the beaten path since 1935

Between March 31st and April 2nd, the Fossavatnsganga will take place in the Westfjords. The annual ski race was first held in Isafjordur in 1935 and is the oldest and biggest cross-country skiing festival in Iceland.
Ísafjörður in Winter

Ísafjörður the Beautiful

The Most Beautiful small towns of Europe
Tranquility in Árneshreppur

Best in Travel 2022 - The Westfjords

Lonely Planet crowns Westfjords as best region 2022

The Þingeyri Pool Club

In Iceland the social meeting point of every town is the local pool.