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Visit Westfjords stands as the authoritative destination marketing and management organization, dedicated to elevating the Westfjords region of Iceland as a sustainable and premier tourist destination.

Our Vision:
“The Westfjords: A sustainable, high-quality destination where profitable tourism operates in harmony with the environment and community. The Westfjord Way evolves alongside developments in recreation that leverage the region’s distinctive features, breathtaking nature, and cohesive village landscapes throughout the year.”

Core Initiatives:

  • Regional Development and Image Building: Crafting and promoting a distinctive image for tourism in the Westfjords, aligning with our vision of sustainability and quality.
  • Strategic Collaborations: Establishing robust partnerships with local tourism stakeholders and municipalities to foster a unified approach to regional marketing.
  • Information and Innovation: Serving as the central hub for tourist information and encouraging innovative tourism practices that respect and integrate with our unique cultural and natural heritage.
  • Professional and Industry Development: Providing industry-leading courses and workshops in marketing and product development to enhance the competence and quality of tourism services in the region.
  • National Alignment and Strategic Planning: Designing and executing a Destination Management Plan that integrates with national public policies and strategic plans for tourism in Iceland. Our involvement in national research, strategic planning, and development projects underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in tourism across the country.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Employing a multifaceted marketing strategy that includes digital platforms, social media, publications, and active participation in workshops, exhibitions, and international marketing initiatives to showcase the Westfjords on the global stage.

Membership and Licensing: All members of Visit Westfjords are fully licensed, actively contributing to the sustainable development and promotion of the Westfjords as a distinguished destination. We work in close cooperation with our members to ensure that tourism development benefits our community, environment, and visitors.

Get in Touch: For further information or inquiries, please contact Visit Westfjords at