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Ísafjörður the Beautiful

The Most Beautiful small towns of Europe
Ísafjörður in Winter
Ísafjörður in Winter

It should not come as a surprise that anything related to Westfjords winds up in articles captioned "The most beautiful......" A recent article by Conde Nast Traveler listed Ísafjörður as one of the Most Beautiful Small Towns in Europe. This is a great recognition by the magazine along with the recent coverage from Lonely Planet naming the Westfjords Best in Travel 2022. 

Of course the list is missing all the other beautful small towns of Westfjords filled with history and so close to nature. Like  Bolungarvík, where you can stand on the platform of Bolafjall mountain enjoying the incredible view from The Edge of Iceland. The magical Hólmavík home of folklore, witchcraft and the necropants. The surreal Djúpavík which is part of the district Árneshreppur (population 44) a tiny historic settlement that was a setting in the movie Aquaman.  Reykhólar located by Breiðafjörður where you can learn how inhabitants of Westfjords used the gifts of nature to survive famine and hardship. Flateyri an old trading post since 1792 where you can go to the old village bookshop to learn about the history. Drangsnes where you can soak in the hot tubs with a seasideview. Patreksfjörður a fishing village not far from the westernmost point of Europe Látrabjarg and Rauðasandur a red sand beach.  

The list goes on and on, Tálknafjörður, Súðavík, Suðureyri, Bíldudalur, Norðurfjörður, Hnífsdalur, Flatey and Þingeyri  the fact of the matter is the towns in Westfjords are beautiful, unique, close to nature, rich with history and friendly people...............and yes the towns are all small.