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All information, developments, and advice about Iceland and COVID-19 can be found at the designated COVID-19 website for Iceland, the Directorate of Health and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.

As of February 19, 2021, all arriving passengers in Iceland are required to present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of their time of departure to Iceland. The double screening measures for all arrival still remains in place, which requires all arriving passengers to submit a PCR test upon arrival, followed by a 5-6 day quarantine and a second PCR test. Those who provide valid proof of having been vacicnated against COVID-19 are not required to provide a PCR-test prior to boarding and are also exempt from screening and quarantine meeasures at the border. The same applies for those who can provide proof of prior infection.

The new regulations also includes provisions that require individuals to isolate in managed isolation facilities (quarantine hotels) if the first border test is positive and the infected individual is unable to provide credible plans for self-managed isolation.

Read more about the new regulations on arriving in Iceland here.

Those who have confirmed with PCR-testing or antibody testing from an EU/EFTA state that they have previously had a COVID-19 infection are exempt from quarantine. All those who present a valid international vaccination certificate for full vaccination with an approved vaccine against COVID-19 are exempt.