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Two species of seal can be seen consitently throughout the Westfjords area. 

The "land-seal" is the most popular one and can be seen all around the Westfjords during all seasons. It is common to see them along the shoreline, often lying upon a flat rock enjoying the sun. Sometimes you can se them in the sea close to shore, curiously looking at what is happing on land.

The "Utselur" (eng. deep sea seal) is more difficult to spot as it stays off shore for longer periods. It is bigger than the "landseal", 2,5m and weighing over 300kg.

More species of seals can been seen around the Westfjords although they are not as common as those mentioned above. Long ago a walrus was spotted on shore in the Westfjords, but that is a very uncommon sight here nowadays.

Seals are generally lying at the shoreline during low tide, as they are out hunting during hightide. Wind and sun condition can also affect how they gather at the shoreline, decresing the oppertunity of seeing some seals.