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The Factory Art Exhibition : The Water Beneath

June 11 - September 11

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Free admission
The Factory
The vision is to (re)create the immersive art exhibition, The Factory, in the remote town of Djúpavík. By building a bridge between the vanished fishing industry and new contemporary art, Djúpavík‘s old herring factory gains a modern and attractive aura while embodying the forgotten times of the people who once had their daily lives there. Thus, artworks reference the spatial and environmental perception of Djúpavík and of Iceland as a whole, aiming to unfold a space of contrasts, past-present spheres - and a place to breathe, exist and be.

The Water Beneath

The water we know. The ocean, the waterfall, the rain drops, the aqua sounds, the moisture, the snow. These elements of water, settling down underneath, seeping down the walls, resting on the roof tops: they are all here, inside and outside of Djúpavík’s old factory. So now, imagine that same water beneath any surface – that same water inside of your body. Through the journeys, the water transitions into new constellations with new meanings and wonders. The elements of water. What do they withhold? Where do they actually go?

Touching themes of water and ocean, the seventh iteration of The Factory acts as the allure of human and non-human beings living above and below sea level, displaying artworks wrapped in watery, and shimmery interpretations – all embraced by the heavy weight of the building’s moody concrete.
Hosted by Hótel Djúpavík
Art curator: Emilie Dalum
Aniara Omann (DK)
Alexis Brancaz (FR)
Björn Jónsson (IS)
Christalena Hughmanick (US)
Christine Nguyen (US)
Halla Birgisdóttir (IS)
Heidi Zenisek (US)
Heinz Kasper (AT)
Iða Brá Ingadóttir (IS)
Kate Robinson (US)
Melkorka Þorkelsdóttir (IS)
Sarah Finkle (US)
Simon Lambrey (FR)
Supported by: Hótel Djúpavík, Vestfjarðastofa, Sóknaráætlun Vestfjarða og Byggðastofnun.


The Old Herring Factory in Djúpavík