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The Sea Monsters in Ísafjörður

June 8

What’s happening down by the harbour? Reports say that a trawler fishing just off the coast caught a huge unknown creature. Soon after, the engine gave out, the ship sent out a Mayday and was towed to the docks. While waiting for scientists to examine this strange beast, the public is given a unique opportunity to take a look. Have the sea monsters of our ancient tales come back and what message do they bring?

On 8 June Reykjavík Arts Festival brings incredible creatures to Ísafjörður as Hringleikur Circus Company and Pilkington Props come together to create brand new, large-scale Icelandic street theatre for all ages.

The sea monsters won’t stop after the opening festivities - they will continue their journey around Iceland, appearing in four other places.

The Sea Monsters were commissioned by Reykjavík Arts Festival.

GPS points

N66° 4' 4.899" W23° 7' 38.704"