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Kyiv Soloists

June 30 at 20:00

Kyiv Soloists

A concert with the Ukraininan Chamber band Kyiv Sooists, along with guests from , Spain, Lithuania and Iceland will  be held at 20:00 on the 30th of June in Árbær (Sport center) Bolungarvík  

Concert schedule
C.M. von Weber, Klarinettukonsert nr. 1, soloist Selvadore Rähni
C.M. von Weber, Píanókonsert nr. 1, soloist Oliver Rähni
Composers Myroslav Skoryk, Valentyn Silvestrov and other Ukrainian composers

Conductor Erki Pehk 

„We play for peace in Ukraine“.

Midnightsun Musicfestival is organised by Tónlistarskóli Bolungarvíkur (Bolungarvik Music school)  in collaboration with Bolungarvik.

GPS points

N66° 9' 19.225" W23° 15' 10.304"