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Hornstrandir Running Tour(s) - Aðalvík - Mount Straumnes - Hesteyri

July 2 at 09:00-19:00

Price description


We leave Ísafjörður at 9.00 towards Látrar in Aðalvík and the boat tour takes about one hour. Participants are shuttled onshore on Zodiac. When the group is ready to go, we run up Mountain Straumnesfjall where the elevation is 460 meters. On that mountain, we find old war relics from the Cold War, but the U.S. Army built a radar station on the mountain. Hopefully, we get a great view over all the coves in the immediate vicinity. We go the same way back to Látrar, where head towards Lake Stakkadalsvatn. We wade over the river where it is most shallow and take a short break to nourish ourselves before we aim for Mountain Stakkadalsfjall. The elevation is 260 meters. We go through Hesteyrarskarð Pass which is between Mountain Búrfell and Mountain Kagrafell and down to Hesteyrardalur Valley. When there, we hopefully have the Doctor‘s House in eyesight. At the Doctor‘s House, the host will be waiting for us with newly brewed coffee and other light refreshments. After a short relaxation in Hesteyri, we sail back to Ísafjörður. Notice: The age limit is 18 years.

What to bring
Remember to bring with you some energy bars or foods, some water or liquids. Not too heavy equipment though.

GPS points

N66° 23' 22.579" W23° 2' 22.932"


Aðalvík, Iceland