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Hamingjudagar í Strandabyggð

June 24

Price description

free of charge, special events subject on agreement will cost
The first Happy Days in Hólmavík were held in 2005 and they have been an annual event ever since.
In 2022, the festival will be held from June 23 to June 26.
The purpose of celebrating Happy Days is to create an event for the locals and their guests to meet and have an good time.  By actively participating in the festival, people help to fulfill its main goal, which is that every resident of Strandabyggð and the festival's guests experience inner happiness, peace of mind, joy and love at every step.
Welcome to Happy Days!

GPS points

N65° 42' 23.389" W21° 40' 9.105"


Hólmavík, Strandabyggð, Westfjords, 510, Iceland