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Ariasman (Play in Icelandic)

July 4 - August 1

Price description

4.500 kr

Ariasman is a powerful and dramatic play about one of the most atrocious events in Icelandic history, the Basque killings. In the autumn of 1615, 31 Basque shipwreck survivors were killed by farmers from the Westfjords. Ariasman is a stage adaptation based on the historical novel of the same name by Tapio Koivukari, about the Basque killings, which are actually the first and hopefully the only mass murder in Icelandic history. These brutal events took place in the Westfjords in the autumn of 1615 when 31 Basque shipwreck survivors were mercilessly killed by farmers from the Westfjords under the leadership of Ari Magnússon, the sheriff of Ögur, but the Basques knew him by the name Ariasman.

Actor: Elfar Logi Hannesson Author: Tapio Koivukari Music: Kristof Hiriart Costumes: Þ. Sunnefa Elfarsdóttir Set Design/Direction: Marsibil G. Kristjánsdóttir

The house opens at 19:30 and the show starts at 20:00.


Kómedíuleikhúsið Haukadal, Svalvogavegur, 471 Dýrafjörður


19:30 - 20:00