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Urðartindur Travel Service

Urðartindur is a family run guesthouse and camping site in Norðurfjörður, in the Icelandic Westfjords. Occupying a stunning position amid fertile farmland at the head of the fjord of the same name, the views are dominated by the mountain Kálfatindar (646m) to the east.

The Urdartindur camping site is located at Nordurfjordur. It has a spectacular view over the fjord and surrounding mountain ridges. Not far from the site you'll find a sandy beach where you can listen to the sea while the kids play in the sand.

Camping site rates 2016:

Rates for adults: 1.200 Isk. kr.
Rates for children: Free of charge.


June 1st - September 15th

Urðartindur Travel Service

Norðurfjörður 1

GPS Points N66° 3' 1.458" W21° 34' 1.632"

+354 8438110

Opening period 15/05 - 30/09
Service Public lavatory Cottage rental Swimming pool Cooking facilities

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History and Culture
7.38 km
The deserted Herring Factory in Ingólfsfjörður

The factory was constructed by the company Ingólfur hf. during the years of 1942-1944. The main reason why the factory was built was because of the growing herring stock coming in to Húnaflói bay.

The fishing failed some years after the factory was built and therefore the factory was closed in 1952.

10.98 km

Reykjaneshyrna is a beautiful mountain situated between Ingólfsfjörður and Norðurfjörður. The mountain looks beautiful and stands alone where the fjord starts to scar the land. It's not that high but it gives you magnificent views of Drangaskörð in the north, the whole Húnaflói bay and then the Árneshreppur municipality. Þórðarhellir is a nice cave in Reykjanesyrna. It's situated under a high cliff and it can get quite difficult to get into the cave. The legend speaks that the cave is a hideout for outlaws.


Memorial Museum Kört
  • Árnes II, Trékyllisvík
  • 524 Árneshreppur
  • 4514025


Norðurfjörður Café
  • Norðurfjörður
  • 524 Árneshreppur
  • 451-4034, 691-1186

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