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Top 10 Winter Adventures

Top 10 Winter Adventures

What to do in winter?

The Westfjords of Iceland, the name kind of gives it a way – we have many fjords. These deep and narrow fjords often give good shelter from the northern winds, making it possible to go for a nice and relaxed paddle on the sea. Here you also get the unique opportunity to kayak with seals swimming all around you.  
Geothermal hot pools.
The Westfjords of Iceland have the greatest number of geothermal hot pools in Iceland. All from completely man made swimming pools to natural geothermal hot pools out in nature. There are not many things that top the feeling of sitting in the geothermal hot water during winter looking up at the northern lights.  
Backcountry skiing.
Do you want to be the first one to ski down a slope full of fresh snow? If yes, backcountry skiing might just be the thing for you. In the Westfjords you can ski from the summit to the beach, all in one run and without taking your skis off. 
Experience real darkness.
During summer we have 24 hours of sun. However, during winter we have no sunlight at all. From late November until late January the people of the Westfjords only have a couple of hours of light a day, and no direct sunlight. This is the perfect time for a cup of hot coco and candlelight. 
Other winter adventures!
Jeep tours. There are plenty of ways to enjoy nature all year round. During winter we have perfect conditions for super jeeps, you can go further and see more. Tours to Drangajökull glacier, up on the high plain or simply just along the coastline can get pretty exciting when the snow arrives.
Cross country skiing.
Cross country skiing is very popular in the Westfjords, largely because it combines great exercise in the fresh air and nature. Cross country skiing can be done on a track at a ski area or you can just step onto your skis and head of into nature.
Alpine skiing. The Westfjords have one ski area, it is in the town Ísafjörður and is called Tungudalur.  The area has three ski lifts, 8-10 pisted runs and plenty of off-piste. It is a great place for all ages and levels to practice their love of-alpine skiing, telemarking and snowboarding. Or just to visit and socialize with the locals. 
Northern Lights.
The Northern lights are one of earth’s most amazing phenomena. Here you can experience of overwhelming feeling of looking up and seeing them dance across the skies.
Experience true winter.
Have you ever been caught in a winter blizzard? Yes it’s cold, windy and wet but it is also truly energizing and fun. Head out in a storm, have fun, play around. Then you get the wonderful experience of heading in and enjoying the unique calm after a storm.
Kayak Tours / Paddleboarding

Kayaking is an exhilarating experience, the Westfjords have sheltered fjords and are for that reason excellent for sea kayaking.

Extremes in Light

Ebb and flow

The annual rhythm of people’s lives in the Westfjords changes with the light. Houses are bright, warm and cosy in winter and it’s no hardship to snuggle down inside with candles, cocoa, cookies and Casablanca (or any movie beginning with C).
In the summer, people barely feel the need to go inside at all. Why not tend the garden at midnight, or take the dog for a walk in the wee smalls? Work and daily life may get in the way a little bit…but the visitor has no such worries! 
Watch a 3am sunrise on the beach. Take a midnight hike up a mountain. Marvel at the millpond stillness of the fjord water on a sunny summer’s night. And don’t, whatever you do, forget to soak in a natural hot spring, with absolutely no-one else around, under the midnight sun.

Delight in the dark

Any time of year when the night actually gets dark in the Westfjords, you might be lucky and glimpse the enchanting northern lights. That’s roughly August to April. Of course, the longer the night, the better the chances – and this means midwinter’s the top time to come and worship the aurora. Mid January to mid March are often best.
In case you’re wondering: the northern lights are totally worth the effort. A good show will stay with you for life. Even a mediocre show is worth looking up for. And if you don’t see any at all, at least the near total lack of light pollution provides a great view of the stars.  

Change comes fast

In the first half of the year, the Westfjords region gains extra daylight at the rate of nearly ten minutes every single day. This means you really notice the change! After all the Christmas brightness, some people find January a bit dreary. Luckily for them, the days turn far more “normal” during February – and it doesn’t get properly dark at all by late April. That’s fast. 
It works the other way, too. Short periods of darkness at night return in August, the days are half-and-half by late September, and the candles and cocoa are back out again in November.
Swimming Pools

There are plenty of swimming pools all over the Westfjords.

Geothermal baths

Few things are more cozy than relaxing in a hot pool in the middle of nature. The Westfjords has an abundance of easily accessible natural pools for you to enjoy.

Jeep- & Glacier Tours

Get off the beaten track, experience the unexplored and enjoy the views. 

Westfjords of Iceland

Towns & Villages

The sparsely populated Westfjords region is home to more towns and villages than you might imagine – and each has its own unique atmosphere and attractions.
Get to know more about them here. 

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