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Tálknafjörður Swimming pool

A geothermal, outdoor pool with hot tubs and a waterslide. The swimming pool is open as follows:

Mondays to Thursdays: 08:00-21:00
Fridays: 08:00-20:00
Saturdays and Sundays: 11:00-14:00

Please note that we close for entry 30 minutes before closing time. Kindly leave the pool 15 minutes before closing time.

Every day 10:00-21:00.

Our excellent campsite has facilities for camper vans as well as tents. The campsite is open from June 1st - September 1st.

Tálknafjörður Swimming pool


GPS Points N65° 37' 43.283" W23° 50' 44.545"

+354 456-2639

Opening period All year
Service Waste tank discharge Dogs allowed Camping ground
Categories Camping , Swimming Pools

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Harbour Inn Guesthouse / Beffa Tours
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  • 465 Bíldudalur
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Bíldudalur Golf club
Golf Courses
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For the Children
0.82 km

The hot natural pools close to the town of Talknafjordur are called ?Pollurinn? by locals. It is in good use throughout the year by the local people who love to visit the pools to admire the extraordinary view over the fjord.
The Pools are situated few minute drive from town just above the road number 617. A small cabin is besides the pools for undressing and storing your clothes.

Admittance is free but there is a donation box.

There are no restrooms on the location and camping is forbidden.

History and Culture
15.96 km
The whaling station in Suðureyri

Suðureyri is located in the district of Tálknafjarðarhreppur. Suðureyri is situated on the south side of the fjord of Tálknafjörður and was the location of an old whaling station built at the end of the 19th century by Norwegian whale hunters. The station was on and off operation for around 50 years until the year 1939 and is now deserted. During its busiest times around 110 people lived and worked at the station. Today the great buildings are grand monuments of times past.


Exhibition: "The French Fishermen and the Old Time."
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  • 450 Patreksfjörður
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Cafe Dunhagi
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Museum of Music - Jón Kr. Ólafsson
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Vinahus museum
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Cafe Dunhagi
Tourist Information Centres
  • Sveinseyri
  • 460 Tálknafjörður
  • 662-0463

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