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Samúel Jónsson´s Art Museum

The association for the renovation of Samúel Jónsson's art museum in Selárdalur has been working on the restoration of Samúel's statues and buildings for some years. Samúel's house is still to be restored and will include a shop and a guest-apartment

Admission: Open in the Summer Admission: Adults IS 500, free for children under 12 years

Samúel Jónsson´s Art Museum

Brautarholt, Selárdalur

GPS Points N65° 47' 16.680" W23° 59' 28.021"

+354 698-7533

Opening period All year
Categories Museums , Exhibitions

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Harbour Inn Guesthouse / Beffa Tours
Day Tour Provider
  • Dalbraut 1
  • 465 Bíldudalur
  • 456-5005, 898-2563
History and Culture
1.35 km
Samuel's Sculptures in Selardalur

Samúel Jónsson´s outstanding naive sculptures and buildings in Selárdalur valley in Arnarfjordur had been rapidly decaying when a society for it´s restoration was founded in 1998. This society is a non-profit organization and has had collaboration with the German sculptor Gerhard König and some others to work on the restoration during the past years in cooperation with the landowner, the ministry of agriculture. Groups of volunteers from Germany have been working together with Gerhard König during the past summers. In the summer of 2008 the plan is to pull down Samúel´s living house in order to build there a new house with a similar front that can serve as a guesthouse for artists and scholars. It´s planned to have the museum ready in 2009.


Museum of Music - Jón Kr. Ólafsson
  • Reynimelur / Tjarnarbraut 5
  • 465 Bíldudalur
  • 456-2186, 845-5518

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