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Laugarhóll Swimming pool

Laugarhóll Swimming pool


GPS Points N65° 46' 51.958" W21° 31' 13.251"
Opening period All year
Categories Swimming Pools

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Gistiþjónusta Sunnu
Bed & Breakfast
  • Holtagata 10
  • 520 Drangsnes
  • 451-3230, 846-1640
Drangsnes camping site
  • Aðalbraut
  • 520 Drangsnes
  • 844-8701
19.69 km

Situated just off shore from Drangsnes in Steingrímsfjörður, the island of Grímsey is a true gem of nature. From Drangsnes there are scheduled boat trips to the island, which take around 10 minutes. In Grímsey there is abundant birdlife and beautiful nature. We recommend at least 2 hours stay on the island to explore the island and it's birds. For more information about the boat trips, contact Malarhorn cafe.

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