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Korpudalur HI Hostel

Korpudalur HI Hostel is a family run hostel in a nice old farmhouse which has been renovated into a Hostel. The farm has been with the family for four generations. It is located innermost in Önundarfjördur surrounded by beautiful mountains and wild life.

Korpudalur HI Hostel is open from 20th May to 15th September.

Located only 15-20 minutes drive from Isafjordur.

Around the Hostel there are many possibilities for hiking, climbing and angling in the wild nature.

Korpudalur HI Hostel

Kirkjuból í Korpudal

GPS Points N65° 59' 2.828" W23° 20' 21.257"

+354 4567808

Opening period 20/05 - 15/09
Service Smoking not allowed Walking path Hotel / guesthouse Fishing permits Cooking facilities Internet access Credit cards accepted

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Eagle Tours
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14.58 km
Burial ground of Sæunn

Sæunn the wonder-cow is a special cow which saved her own life from getting slaughtered by swimming over the cold Atlantic ocean fjord of Önundarfjörður in october 1987. The cow lived sex years after the big achievement but when it died this wonder-cow was buried near the ocean where it reached shore. Now this area has the name Sæunnarhaugur or Sæunn burial ground. This swim achievement was in Icelandic news as well as world news because of the rareness of cows willing to swim such a long distance in the cold Atlantic ocean.

8.44 km

Önundarfjörður is a particularly pretty fjord, even by Westfjords standards. This is partly due to Holt beach, which is a sweeping golden-sand beach and dune system which curls out into the fjord and is a bit likeSpainfor a few hot days of the year. The rest of the time it's a great walk and the dunes are a protected eider duck nesting area.

21.85 km

The garden was officially opened on August 7th 1909. In 1992, a group of people decided on their own to restore the garden, and on August 18th 1996 they formally returned the garden to its owner - the Ministry of Education. In November of the same year the Ministry handed over the garden to the town of Ísafjörður to own and care for. The formal aim of the garden is to be a memorial to itself and to the concept of school gardens where the sustaining of nature's bounty and environmental education are linked to the operations of public schools. The garden is also an example of successful horticulture in such northern climes, and as such, a notable part of the country's horticultural history.


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