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Ísafjörður - Air Iceland Connect

Iceland Domestic
Air Iceland Connect offers flights to seven destinations within Iceland, thereby vocering all major towns as well as a number of the smaller ones. From Reykjavik we fly to: Akureyri, Egilsstadir, Isafjordur. From Akureyri we fly to: Grimsey, Thorshofn and Vopnafjordur.

Air Iceland Connect offers flighs to five destinations in Greenland. All year round we fly to Nuuk on the west coast and to Kulusuk on the east coast. During summer time and dog sledging season we fly to Ilulissat on the west coast and during summer we offer flights to Narsarsuaq in south Greenland. New destination in summer 2016 will be Kangerlussuaq on the west coast.

Faroe Islands
Air Iceland Connect offers flights to the Faroeses all year round in cooperation with Atlantic Airways.

Air Iceland Connect can cater to transporting entire groups, freight or indeed help customers efficiently solve any task that requires air transport. Our aircraft are available in various sizes to meet passanger from 37 - 76 seats.

Daytour with Air Iceland - more than just flights
In conjunction with flights Air Iceland offers travellers the experience of a day tour within Iceland to Akureyri in the north, Egilsstadir in the east and Isafjordur in the west.

Ísafjörður - Air Iceland Connect


GPS Points N66° 3' 19.040" W23° 8' 32.564"

+354 570-3030

Opening period All year

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