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Dalbær Travel Service

Dalbær Travel Service


GPS Points N66° 6' 3.173" W22° 34' 18.642"
Opening period 12/07 - 05/08

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  • Laugarholt
  • 510 Hólmavík
  • 456-4858, 869-4859
10.60 km

Kaldalón is a 5 kilometer long fjord that stretches in from northern Ísafjarðardjúp into Drangajökull glacier. From underneath the glacier comes the glacier-river Mórilla which then spreads around the plains on it's way to the ocean. Two towns were supposed to have been in Kaldalón, but the river has washed them both away. Natural beauty is magnificent in Kaldalón, and even the famous writer Sigvaldi Kaldalón took up the name because of the beauty of the area.

One the way to Unaðsdalur or Bæir it's perfect to stop in Kaldalón. If you have enough time, We would reccommend hiking towards the glacier beside the river, just to be able to enjoy this beauty. he hike to the glacier is about 2-3 hours, but it gets longer every year do to the fact that the glacier is melting.

Hiking trails lead you from Kaldalón to Jökulfirðir and then also over to Hornstrandir if you cross the glacier.


Snjafjallasetur Heritage Centre
  • Dalbær, Snæfjallaströnd
  • 401 Ísafjörður
  • 690-4893 , 698-7533

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