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Birkimelur Swimming pool

Birkimelur Swimming pool

Lauganes við Hagavaðal

GPS Points N65° 31' 10.520" W23° 24' 19.004"
Opening period 01/06 - 15/08
Categories Swimming Pools

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Nordic Lodges Tvera
  • Í landi Brjánslækjar
  • 451 Patreksfjörður
  • 897-3015
0.05 km
The Swimmingpool in Laugarnes

The swimming pool in Laugarnes is a beautifully placed small pool with stunning views over Breiðafjörður. You can either float around in the small concrete pool or lay down in a smaller pool closer to the shore.

A donations box is placed by the dressing rooms, the local youth club owns and looks after the pool.

For the Children
21.38 km

Hellulaug is a geothermal pool, located just off the highway, close to the beach in Vatnsfjörður. It is quite lovely to chill out in the pool(38°/100,4 F) while looking out over the fjord.
The pool cannot be seen from the road, but there is a parking lot next to the path that leads to Hellulaug. The pool is 60 cm deep.

15.29 km
Lignite canyon

Surtarbrandsgil (e. Lignite canyon) was put on the Icelandic environment protection list as a natural phenomenon in 1975. The main reason for the protection was to pretect the fossils of the flora which was to be found in mud and lignite layers between the basalt layers. Thease plant fossils are from the tertier time.

24.52 km
Nonna og Manna fossinn

Þingmannaá river runs from Þingmannadalur valley down to Vatnsfjörður fjord. In the rivers canyons you will find charming waterfalls, explorers can walk behind one of the waterfalls and view it from behind the cascading water. One of these waterfalls had a role in the television show Nonni and Manni from 1990. A parking lot is located about 100 meters from the road and to reach the waterfall, a 5 minute walk from the parking lot.

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