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Group ideas

Group ideas

Travelling with a group?

There are plenty of activities in the Westfjords for groups of different sizes. Some tours and activities are limited due to equipment and maximum capacity. However, most tour operators and travel agencies could split larger groups into smaller groups and offer offer alternating activities. Also Icelanders have a phrase “þetta reddast” or “it will all be okay”, this mentality is incorporated into most of our actions, so just reach out and your travel agency, tour operator or guide and they might be able to help. 
Here is a little overview of some of the activities suited for different sizes of groups. 

Small groups, 10-15 people

Almost all activities are suited for this size of groups. Whether it is adventures on the sea, such as kayaking, Rib-Boat Nature Safari, boat tours or winter activities such as backcountry and alpine skiing you can find it in the Westfjords. The Westfjords is also a mecca for hiking, everything from a historic walk around the town of Isafjordur, a food tasting stroll in the village Suðureyri to day hike from valley to valley. 

Large groups, 15-40 people

Most activities are suited for this size of groups but you might need to split the group up for some activities such as kayaking and Rib-Boat tours. There are also a number of boat trips available, for example trips to Vigur og Grimsey both known for their abundant bird life and to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. 
A visit to one of the Westfjords many museums can also be a perfect activity for a group. There are many different museums in the Westfjords their themes being everything from sorcery, sea monsters to Ósvör maritime museum. 

Very large groups 40+

There are some limitations to the number of activities available for a large group. However, that does not mean we have nothing for you – there is plenty!
With a large group you can take in some of the Westfjords main attractions like Látrarbjarg bird cliff, Rauðasandur red sandy beach and the magnificent waterfall Dynjandi. But you can also enjoy activities such as boat trips to the abandoned village Hesteyri in Jökulfirðir or a visit to one of the museums.
There are also a number of guided hiking tours available, the tours differ quite in difficulties from an easy stroll to a very intensive hike. 
If you are planning a trip for a large group don’t hesitate to contact a local travel agency for advice and service. 
Tour Operators

Fancy a boat trip, a horseback riding tour or to go kayaking? Contact a local tour operator and find out more. 

Day Tours

A great way to learn what the area has to offer. 


There is a good variety of museums all over the Westfjords so everybody should find something they like.

Boat Tours

From whale watching to puffin tours to northern light cruises, coast hugging trips and more, they each provide an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Kayak Tours / Paddleboarding

Kayaking is an exhilarating experience, the Westfjords have sheltered fjords and are for that reason excellent for sea kayaking.

Hiking Tours - Hiking

Hiking with or without a guide is always a popular mode of travel, the Westfjords have an abundance of hiking trails all around. 

Horse Activities

The Icelandic horse is a favorite of many and known around the world as an excellent steed. There are many horse rentals throughout the Westfjords offering short or longer rides.

Sea Angling

Great fun for people of all ages, sea angling trips are available all over the Westfjords of Iceland.

Westfjords of Iceland

Towns & Villages

The sparsely populated Westfjords region is home to more towns and villages than you might imagine – and each has its own unique atmosphere and attractions.
Get to know more about them here. 

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