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13. June - 14. September

The Factory Art Exhibition

Opening event 13 June at 9pm, the old herring factory in Djúpavík.

As a multidisciplinary exhibit, The Factory showcases a multitude of visual arts, including but not limited to: textiles, sculptures, video art, sound, paintings, photography, and art installations. This fosters a diverse and dynamic show, welcoming a broad audience.

The vision is to (re)create the immersive art exhibition, The Factory, in the remote town of Djúpavík. By building a bridge between the vanished fishing industry and new contemporary art, Djúpavík‘s old herring factory gains a modern and attractive aura. Contrasts merge and unify inside the old building. Thus, artworks will reference the spatial and environmental perception of Djúpavík and of Iceland as a whole.

The goal is to support the community and the artists - and honour Iceland and its inspiring influence on people via art and culture.

Open 10.00-18.00, June 13 to 14 September 2020
Free admission

In 2019, we introduced a new exhibition space in the opposite end of the Westfjords. The Tub / Balinn is an old house in the village of Þingeyri and will host art installations throughout the Summer 2020.

The factory in Djúpavík and the old house in Þingeyri have several things in common: ravaged, authentic, abandoned – and embody the forgotten times of the people, who once had their daily lives and routines there. Our overall idea is to establish a connection between two small places in the western region of Iceland - and to give the house a new purpose.  

Brekkugata 8, 470 Þingeyri
Open daily from 24 June 2020
Free admission  



Alfredo Esparza Cárdenas (MX)
Attilio Solzi (IT)
Emilie Dalum(DK / IS)
Guðrún Sigurðardóttir (IS)
Hertta Kiiski (FI)
- Lilja Birgisdóttir and Kjartan Holm (IS)
IYFAC - Inspirational Young Female Artist Club:
Halla Birgisdóttir (IS)
Ragnheiður Harpa Leifsdóttir (IS)
Ragnheiður Maísól Sturludóttir (IS)
Sigrún Hlín Sigurðardóttir (IS)
- Daníel Helgasson, Una Sveinbjarnardóttir & Þórdís Gerður Jónsdóttir (IS)
Jeff Mertz(US)
Justin Levesque (US)
Michael Richardt (DK)
Úlfur Karlsson (IS)
Island Between Us - The Tub / Balinn Art Space, Þingeyri:
Christiane Gerda Schmidt (DE)
Hrafnhildur Sigurðardóttir (IS)
Ines Meier (DE)
Mia Hochrein (DE)
Stephanie Krumbholz (DE)
Susanne Britz (DE)
- Claudia Dunkelberg (DE)

Thanks to:  All artists, Hótel Djúpavik and staff, Björgvin Agnarsson, Sparisjóður Strandamanna, Orkubú Vestfjarða, Sóknaráætlun Vestfjarða, Vestfjarðastofa, Simbahöllin, Patrik Ontkovic, Kári Páll Óskarsson, Gabriel Dunsmith, assistants, supporters - the herring factory and The Tub / Balinn Art Space.
Photo: Hertta Kiiski
Art curator & project manager: Emilie Dalum
GPS points
N65° 56' 41.577" W21° 33' 33.873"

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