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6. March - 13. April

Stella í orlofi

Price description

Free for non-Icelandic speakers

A comedy play about Icelandic family life, addiction, and salmon.

The play is the result of the joint forces of Leikfélag Hólmavíkur (Hólmavík theater group) and the local elementary and music school. Stella í orlofi is a well known Icelandic movie from the 80s that now comes to life on stage, a mirror of Icelandic society and customs.

Performances will be as listed:

March 6th 8pm

March 7th 8pm

April 2nd 8pm

April 5th 4pm

April 13th 4pm

There will also be one showing in Hvammstangi at 8pm on March 28th

Free entrance for non-Icelandic speakers.

GPS points
N65° 42' 7.663" W21° 41' 4.515"

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