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Fisherman Hotel

FISHERMAN HOTEL offers well equipped accommodation: Single rooms, double rooms and family rooms with or without private facilities. Bathrooms are positioned on all floors close to the rooms without private facilities. All rooms have a washbasin, telephone and hair dryer. A self-catering facility is located in the building. Wireless Internet connection is available free of charge. Please note that all rooms and the restaurant are a non-smoking environment. For your convenience, we offer a pickup service from Isafjordur airport.

Come stay with us at Sudureyri. Learn what makes us the most sustainable and eco-friendly acting village in Iceland. Try our seafood delicacies and discover the Westfjords the authentic way. See how this small community thrives while catching Iceland´s finest fish and listen to the local storytellers and get to know the place we call heaven on earth.

Join us on a SEAFOOD TRAIL TOUR that combine both a cultural and culinary experience and taste the freshest fish in the world at the KITCHEN restaurant.

Please contact us for tours, prices and booking information.

Fisherman Hotel

Aðalgata 14

GPS Points N66° 7' 47.985" W23° 31' 42.857"

+354 450-9000

Accommodation 18 Rooms / 40 Beds
Opening period 01/05 - 30/09
Service Open year round Restaurant Grocery store

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Önundarfjörður is a particularly pretty fjord, even by Westfjords standards. This is partly due to Holt beach, which is a sweeping golden-sand beach and dune system which curls out into the fjord and is a bit likeSpainfor a few hot days of the year. The rest of the time it's a great walk and the dunes are a protected eider duck nesting area.

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The Lagoon

If you're all in for the real nature experiance and the family wants to do something magnificent then you should talk to the people at Fisherman, buy a bag of fish and go feed the cod in the lagoon. You could even fish them out of the lagoon using it as bait.


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