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Driving in the Westfjords

The roads in the Westfjords

The roads in the Westfjords have earned a reputation for being rough, difficult and sometimes even dangerous to drive. It is safe to day, though, that they hardly live up to this reputation anymore. True, there are still some gravel roads that can be rough, but extensive road improvements along with new tunnels and bridges have completely changed the access to the area. The entire road #61 is now paved, and on road #60 there are only some 130 km that are still gravel. To visit attractions such as Látrabjarg, Rauðasandur and Norðurfjörður you will have to brave some gravel roads, but they are open for all types of cars thoughout the summer.
For information on road conditions, see or call the Road Administration Information Line (+354) 1777

Driving during summer

Almost all roads are acessible for small cars during the summer. Note, though, that conditions of gravel roads can change quickly. Potholes and washboard surfaces should be expected so please slow down and drive carefully while enjoying the scenery. Also remember to slow down when you see sheep next to the road, as they tend to cause accidents by jumping across at the worst possible moment!

Driving during winter

The main roads are kept open six to seven days per week, except when prohibited by severe weather. Remember that smaller roads are not cleared as often as the main ones. Note that the mountain roads Dynjandisheiði and Hrafnseyrarheiði (on road #60 between Þingeyri and  Flókalundur/Bíldudalur) remain closed most of the winter. 
Even though the roads are kept as clear as possible, you should always expect some snow and ice when driving in Iceland during autumn, winter and early spring. Therefore, it is advisable to travel in a 4-wheel drive with good winter tires.  This applies not only to the Westfjords, but to all of Iceland. As weather and road condition can chance quickly in Iceland, not least during the winter, always make sure you get the latest information from the Road Administration before you start your drive.

Westfjords of Iceland

Towns & Villages

The sparsely populated Westfjords region is home to more towns and villages than you might imagine – and each has its own unique atmosphere and attractions.
Get to know more about them here. 

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