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Hesteyrarfjordur is the westernmost fjord of the Jokulfirdir area, surrounded by rocky mountains and steep screes. Lowland is rather limited. At the mouth of the fjord, the Lasafjall mountain rises on the east side and Nongilsfjall mountain om the west side. Inward on the west side one can see Innri-Hesteyrarbrunir and above them Kistufell mountain. The abandoned large farm Sletta is on the west side closer to the fjord’s mouth.

GPS Points N66° 20' 4.626" W22° 52' 33.864"
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Grunnavík Travel Service
  • Grunnavík í Jökulfjörðum
  • 401 Ísafjörður
  • 456-4664, 866-5491, 854-8263
Hornbjargsviti- Ferðafélag Íslands
Sleeping bag accommodation
  • Látravík á Ströndum
  • 401 Ísafjörður
  • 568-2533
Doctorshouse in Hesteyri
  • Læknishúsið Hesteyri
  • 415 Bolungarvík
  • 899-7661, 899-1515 (vetur), 899-7661 (sumar)

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