The nature in Strandir region is undoubtly incredible. Steep beautiful mountains stand on the edges of every creek and fjord like defenders from the ocean and the wind. The gravel road from Bjarnarfjörður brings you beside those magnificent mountains towards Veiðileysa and Djúpavík. This road becomes impassable during wintertime due to harsh weather and a bunch of snow. When you have crossed a small mountain pass you can see the village of Djúpavík near the shore. It's almost impossible to imagine that such a building, which once was the biggest of it's kind in Iceland, to be found in a place like here, in the middle of nowhere. The village is situated on a magical place under the waterfall of Djúpavík, Djúpavíkurfoss. When you drive even more north, you see the colourful houses of the Gjögur village and even further towards Trékyllisvík. In the area are a lot of cliffs, rock pillars and rock formations and you can easily imagine why there are so many stories of ghosts, trolls and even magic connected to these lands. Trékyllisvík, and Strandir region in general, is known for a thriving sorcery culture during the 17th age. Reykjaneshyrna, the mountain which sits firmly towards the north on the other side of the bay, welcomes you to Trékyllisvík. The road takes you to the little village of Norðurfjörður and through there and out towards the Krossnes swimming pool. On the way to the pool you can see a great rock pillar on the beach, which is known under the name of "Thirty dollar rock pillar". The story says that anyone that can climb it can find the about of 30 american dollars on top.  Further east there is the Krossnes pool at a cove in the beach. This pool is a pure gem to tourism in the area and is one of the Westfjords best kept secrets. Travellers say that swimming there is one of the most memorable things they did in their Iceland trip. On the other side of Mount Reykjaneshyrna you can see Drangaskörð, which are huge rock pillars lined up specially for your photo opportunity. The furthest that the road can take you is to Hvalá river in Ófeigsfjörður which is the river with the most running water in Westfjords. Beyond that are Hornstrandir.. unknown and freeing. 

The deserted Herring Factory in Ingólfsfjörður

The factory was constructed by the company Ingólfur hf. during the years of 1942-1944. The main reason why the factory was built was because of the growing herring stock coming in to Húnaflói bay.

The fishing failed some years after the factory was built and therefore the factory was closed in 1952.


Reykjaneshyrna is a beautiful mountain situated between Ingólfsfjörður and Norðurfjörður. The mountain looks beautiful and stands alone where the fjord starts to scar the land. It's not that high but it gives you magnificent views of Drangaskörð in the north, the whole Húnaflói bay and then the Árneshreppur municipality. Þórðarhellir is a nice cave in Reykjanesyrna. It's situated under a high cliff and it can get quite difficult to get into the cave. The legend speaks that the cave is a hideout for outlaws.

Arctic Fox

The Arctic fox is the only truly native land mammal in Iceland. It got stranded on the island after the last Ice Age and lived on birds, bird eggs, berries, seaweed and all sorts of other stuff. Over the millennia the Icelandic Arctic fox has become genetically unique: the Vulpes lagopus fuliginosus subspecies. They are white in winter and grey in summer. The Hornstrandir nature reserve in the Westfjords is the only place in Iceland where the Arctic fox is completely protected from hunting; which means they are a common sight and unusually tame.


One of the most impressive and least-talked-about natural features in all ofIceland, Drangaskörð are a series of seven rocky peaks jutting out into the sea in the Árneshreppur municipality. Like a jawful of jagged teeth, the peninsula emanates from Skarðafjall mountain and into the water. Named after ghosts, the rugged rocks project spooky shadows which have been capturing imaginations for a thousand years.

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