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Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails

Ísafjörður and Hornstrandir have some pretty amazing hikes to offer.

Hornstradir nature reserve is the paradise of every single person that likes to hike. You can't get closer to nature and be as remote as in Hornstrandir.

Ísafjörður can offer many different kinds of hikes, both physically difficult and easy to walk. Naustahvilft, the troll seat, above Ísafjörður airport is a really common hiking spot but I can also mention Breiðadalsheiði to Önundarfjörður, Botnsheiði to Súgandafjörður, Þjófaskarð to Hnífsdalur and Heiðarskarð to Bolungarvik.

The new walkway to Hnífsdalur and the old road to Bolungarvík are now pretty interesting walking paths. Since the Bolungarvík tunnel opened in 2010 the ocean has been slightly destroying the old road and it is fascinating to see the destruction in so few years.

We advise all tourists to contact the regional Tourist Information Office in Ísafjörður, to get information about hikes in the area. In the Information Office you can also get hiking-trail-map from the Tourist Association of the Westfjords. We advise all hikers to get their hands on these treasures. 


If you've ever visited the town of Ísafjörður, you will certainly have noticed the immense rim of flat-topped mountains which surround the fjord. A notable feature of the mountains is a massive depression, like half a bowl, just over the road from the airport. This is Naustahvilft - often known by its nickname: 'the troll seat'. The story goes that a troll was hurrying home before the morning sunlight could turn her to stone. Having run fast and got back early, she sat and rested with her aching feet in the fjord. What was left was the peninsula of Ísafjörður town between her feet, the deep harbour where her feet had been, and the "seat" where her backside had been. Either that or it's a hanging valley left over from the last Ice Age. It's a short but challenging climb, so why not go up there and decide for yourself and don't forget to sign the guest book.


This territory of the Arctic fox has been uninhabited since the 1950s. As isolated as it was then, it attracts the casual half-day visitors and serious gore-tex hikers alike. Its main attractions are three. First, the bird cliffs surrounding the bay of Hornvík, are a magnet of gigantic proportions. On the eastern side of the bay the cliff reaches a height of more than 500 metres, and the birds are teeming. Second, as there are no infrastructure and the tourists few in relation to the sheer size of the area, the sense of remoteness is strong. You can hike days on end without seeing a single person. The nature is pure and the tranquillity unmatched. Third, as the area is a haven for the Arctic fox (think hunting-ban and bird-packed cliffs), the chances of spotting one are high.

Most tours, especially day tours, depart from Ísafjörður. Hikers wanting to go on their own can also take boats from Bolungarvík and Norðurfjörður.


The town of Ísafjörðurlies in Skutulsfjörður fjord. The fjord ends in two distinct valleys: Engidalur to the left and Tungudalur to the right. Tungudalur is the playground of Ísafjörður - and a very pretty place to boot. This is where you'll find a small but perfectly formed waterfall, one of the region's best established and maintained forests, a full scale golf course, dozens of beautiful summerhouses, and the town's famous skiing centre. The towns excellent campsite is located in Tungudalur, great camping facilities, a playground and a beach volleyball course.

Westfjords of Iceland

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The sparsely populated Westfjords region is home to more towns and villages than you might imagine – and each has its own unique atmosphere and attractions.
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