Heroes of the sea

Heroes of the sea

Heroes of the sea

The Westfjords are first and furthermost a fishing region. Fishermen are our heroes, our soldiers. For hundreds of years they have gone out to sea and brought back valuable fish. It's thanks to fishermen that we have managed to build communities here, fish was the foundation - and still is.

It's thus no wonder that seafarers get their own day dedicated to them; Sjómannadagurinn, the Seafarers Day. It is a celebration that has been held the first Sunday in June every year since 1938. Some towns, such as Patreksfjordur for example, take this celebration a step further than other towns; there the program of activities takes 4 days, one very long weekend. The locals decorate the outside of their houses and organize one event after another so it becomes a lively, rather quirky but authentic experience.

The serious undertone of honoring fishermen, passed and living, is combined with parties, movie screenings, rowing competitions, strong-man competitions and cake eating & Coke drinking competitions. Everything that an Icelandic town festival needs.

Women wearing the Icelandic national dress

Games for the young sailors

107kg rock carried long distance

Cake eating competition

The strongest sailor of Patreksfjordur

Salesmen of sweets

Rowing competition