Welcome to the Westfjords of Iceland !

A fun fact: a third of Iceland’s coast line is in the Westfjords. Come to think of it, it is not surprising, as the entire peninsula is carved and cut by long fjords. The shore offers a wealth of attractions, most of which cost nothing to enjoy.

Four tourist information centres are distributed throughout the Westfjords. The staff at these centres have detailed knowledge of their area, so no one is more suited to helping travellers.

The role of the information centres is to make it as convenient as possible for people to organise their travels and to tell tourists about most of what can be done locally. Such centres are ideal for finding out about interesting places in the vicinity, as well as accommodation options, leisure opportunities, or whatever travellers need to know. Tourist information centres are the perfect means of planning your journey, since proper preparation can be the key to a successful, enjoyable vacation.